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Digital Utilities have been at the forefront of CCTV technology for a number of years. We can offer traditional analogue systems, to incorporate existing infrastructure. Or new I P camera technology with servers and software platforms. That can still incorporate legacy equipment. With remote access available so you can always see what’s happening at home or at the office.


Some of our latest remote systems are can be linked into a couple of cameras that maybe keeping an eye on an elderly relative or the office. These can be both self monitored or kept an eye on by a dedicated 24/7 support team. We offer an email or texted messaging service to indicate any movement or activity totally tailored to your needs or that of an elderly relative.

These systems needn’t be purchased outright but budgeted in a monthly payment scheme which would include an ADSL circuit and line rental and a number of cameras depending on your requirement. We would set up totally secure user accounts as specified allowing you and your family complete piece of mind. Looking after your home your business or a loved one.

We have also installed a range of ANPR (Automatic number Plate Recognition ) cameras. Using radio backhaul technology.


Our hosting facility for the CCTV recordings lie in the heart of a secure data centre in Manchester with security pass and retina access, 24 hour security monitoring ensures our servers are safe and your data is safe.

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